Interplant roses logo

Interplant Rose is an international rose breeding company. It is a family owned company, founded in 1962. The company is now led by the third generation; Robert Ilsink as CEO and Martin Ilsink as CFO. The fourth Generation of Ilsinks has also joined the company in 2020! The head office is located in The Netherlands. Interplant has its own test facilities.

Jane Spek Rozen Logo

For 134 years and 4 generations, The Spek family is the first breeder to have it's start as a nursery. Their roses are grown and refined with love and attention.

Rosen Tantau Logo

For more than 100 years, garden roses breeding has been the core business of Rosen Tantau. During all that time the company has specialized on different types of roses. 20 years ago, however, Rosen Tantau started to intensively diversifying his breeding times to different types of rose classes.

Nirp International

Established in France in the 1960s, Nirp varieties are highly appreciated on all the markets for their agronomical, aesthetical, and commercial performances. Nirp is run under the direction and management of Ghione family, that still work in the field of roses for three generations.


In just a couple of decades, Schreurs has lead through innovation, seize opportunities with both hands and specialize developing new breeding and propagation methods that result in unique varieties. Schreurs has become one of the world's leading rose breeders.

Georges Delbard

For 3 generations, Georges Delbard Nurseries and Rose Gardens have been creating garden roses and fruit trees. Their mission: to create, day after day, more fragrant, more colorful rose bushes and more generous, more delicious fruit trees, and above all, ever more resistant to disease. Today, the Georges Delbard Nurseries and Rose Gardens have more than 250 varieties of roses bushes and 80 varieties of fruit trees, which delight gardeners, amateurs, and enthusiasts.