Growing What

Our farm is more than just a place where roses grow; it’s a vibrant community, hub of innovation, and a testament to the values that we hold dear. As the largest wholesale grower in the Western Hemisphere, we take immense pride in the roses we cultivate but also in the environment we have nurtured for our team.

Our team of over 200 strong, is the heartbeat of our farm. We believe that a happy team grows happy roses. We are dedicated to creating a workplace that embodies empowerment and well-being. It is important to us that each day, every person on our farm has a smile on their face, not just because it is a good day to grow roses, but because they feel seen, heard, and valued. 

Our focus is not limited to production alone. We are deeply invested in research and development, constantly exploring new methods and techniques to bring the best and newest varieties of roses to the market. Our dedication to innovation is matched only by our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.